disable receiving KEY_ input while in console

hi all

I have used this code to open a UI, but typing in chat or the console still calls the hook - very annoying. How can I do a check to make sure console or chat isn’t open when the function is called?

--run this function when the player presses a key. we use this to call other functions
local function KeyPress()

    --for inventory
    if (input.IsKeyDown(KEY_I) and (inventory_is_open == 0)) then debug_text("opening inventory") inventory_open() end


if(vgui.CursorVisible() == true) then

Not sure if it will stop the Console issue, sure as hell stops chat issues though

if not gui.IsConsoleVisible() then

This will stop it working while other windows are open too though won’t it, I don’t want that

is there a specific check I can do to see if the chat window is open?


Well, I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say that none of your vguis but the chatbox use keyboard input and say you can use vgui.GetKeyboardFocus()

They do, so this wont work