Disable scriptenforcer on my server?

How do I let my friend on my server without them being banned via scriptenforcer?

Try turning it off, also SE doesn’t ban it just disables.

Player unconnected left the game (“Cheater (sethhack - 1st July 2012)”)

I have sv_scriptenforcer set to 0

He’s banned globally for being a wanker.

The end, tell him thanks for buying a second copy of garrysmod and we are pleased he’s supporting the great game.

Oh so you are telling me I cant have the people I want on my server?

Silly me thinking I should have control over who’s banned on my server.

Although I’ve never hidden my stance on SethHack and DevNull. I will admit I agree with you on that IF a server owner wants to disable the ban list they should have the option.

But ultimately it’s Garry’s choice. And remember anyone who supports SethHack has pretty much supported mass ddos attacks on multiple communities. So while I agree, you get no sympathy from me.

I found other methods to allow him on the server.

Hopefully garry will change how this system works sometime.


Just remember my point:

These are the SAME type of attacks that will be used against your server when you ban some minge who is trolling you.

I know all about the DDOS drama around seth.

But I don’t have to worry about that when I’m playing with people I’ve known for 3 years on a server I host that is pass worded and not on the master server list.

I think my point was your friend financially supporter a system that might affect you, via other users…

He didn’t buy Seth hack and I don’t think he even used it.
But I do know he did some cheating.