disable server custom escape menu?

i’m fucking sick of pressing console/escape only to be greeted by another pointless menu being in my fucking way. i dont even care that much about the escape its more that when I open CONSOLE it fucking annoys me

is there a way to disable it? it’s annoying as fuck. ontop of that it’s glitchy when spectating people and doesn’t even work properly

ontop of that if you get DC’d from the server none of the buttons work so you’re stuck unless you force quit gmod

fucking stupid

Shift ~ forces the console open, IIRC.

doesn’t work

function gui.IsGameUIVisible() return false end

will that work clientside though?

Yeah, it should

while on a server? it doesn’t seem to do anything when I do lua_run/lua_run_cl, must need sv_allowcslua on

It’s the only way to disable it, by running lua. Unless the menu has a convar built in or something, but most people don’t add that

For this just bind a key to “disconnect”

Scriptfodder was a mistake.

Coderhire and scriptfodder helped kill originality in gmod.