Disable tabs in spawnmenu?

Is it possible to only show the “Props” tab in the spawnmenu, disable the others from even showing up unless you are an admin?

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

not what he asked for

OP why not just block them from doing anything other than spawning props unless they are admin










usage like so
hook.Add(“PlayerSpawnSWEP”, “AdminOnlySWEPs”, function( ply, class, wep )
return ply:IsAdmin()

Run on server and sorry if I missed some hooks alot to look for

I already have the spawning of those things disabled, I just want to block the tabs from even showing up in the spawnmenu, unless you’re an admin. :slight_smile:

I dont think you can do that unless you remake spawnmenu

It’s possible, to remove the tabs.

Then tell him how…

Rated tool…because you’re a tool.