Disable the console Command grass.on false?

the grass in rust is beautifull when your pc has a good performance.

I try to set a server to our steamgroup without the possibility to set the grass.on false command in the console.

Have anyone a solution to disable this command, so everyone have to play with high grown grass?

the grass is annoying and distracting

Personally I’d much rather play with the grass on but (before a recent patch) it constantly flickers and makes the game nearly unplayable so I had to disable it.

Works much better now except for the performance drop that I see from it. Haven’t tried again since the new patch with the sky update, it’ll probably run much better now.

As for disabling the command on a server altogether… I’m not sure if that’ll be possible. However I believe that it is planned to remove that command altogether later down the road when the game is a bit more optimized.

I would love for servers to force it on. You can crouch and just hide from people in the grass. I miss that. :frowning:

Yeah I’d love to play at 10 fps just because you like to see tall 2d sprites.

I like disabling it so I can see resources better. Sometimes bears and boars trick me into thinking they are metal or sulfur veins.

In the future when rust gets better optimized its gonna be forced on.

I didn’t know that chickens and rabbits existed until I turned off the grass. It’s so much easier to see what’s on the ground with it off. It cuts finding your pack down to seconds instead of minutes. I know it’s 'supposed" to be on, and it’s pretty and all, but it’s also annoying. :frowning:

Disable it and you will loose half of the players, not everyones hardware can handle this, grass drops the fps 20-30.
For me I play the game on 50-60fps with grass off, grass on and I have 20-30fps. I could not play the game with that fps, not this game.

Making grasss permanent would make a whole new tactical side with hiding in grass possible

Should be forced on i agree

ok thanks guys for your opinions…

Sure, we have all been accustomed to see no Grass, but I think we all will love the game with grass.on, if the performance will be good in one of the weekly updates…

I think it should be forced on, the mix between having it on and off is a real big disadvantage to people who play with it on. I personally really love the grass, it makes the game much more atmospheric and also (especially in the long grass) can make it really fun to sneak up on people :slight_smile: This was also heavily discussed in Battlefield…

My hope is that it’ll eventually get optimized enough that all can use it then force it on. The game is so much more immersive and attractive with grass on. Plus it adds to gameplay via partial hiding cover for sneaking.

True story, I didn’t find till very recently that it could be turned off. I spent a lot of time crouching around in grass and it felt very cool and immersive. Seeing players and resources becomes harder and more interesting. When I finally turned it off, I realized what a bozo I probably looked like thinking I was hiding all the time! Hahaha!

I went for a couple days turning it off as I realized what a disadvantage it put me at. But I had to go back to grass. I know its a handicap now that I’ve discovered most people turn it off, but it’s just too good to go without. Grass.on for life! Short as it may be…

i completely agree that it’s great and that eventually they should either require it on, or lose it all. as long as it’s a strategic advantage to turn it off, i will always turn it off. stop me please!

Its not like grass…its like hay

an option to force it would be nice, but only an option so there can be serves for players with slow rigs to play on. i personally turn it off for the faster resource and backpack finding, but dont mind it eitherway in the long run. there are going to be optimizations and additions that slow the game down for people in the future as they add models, shaders, effects, possibly even tessalation. so maybe in the future the game will run fine with forced grass too, but maybe not. we will see.

I was playing on a server that have disable the “grass.on false” command, so yes it’s possible.

I know they have the Oxide mod on there server. They put in place another command to increase FPS it was /FPS and that command do a couple thing to increase FPS but grass.on stay true.

I agree that I’d like to see it forced on. I never have it on, because it’s a severe advantage having it off. I am OK with losing that advantage though, and I think it’d be better in the long run.

I get arround 20 or less fps with grass on and 70+ with grass off. Not sure why and what’s causing this but i would not mind having to play with grass on IF they optimize a little bit more :P.

I assume it has somenthing to do with the shadows or flicking.