Disable Voice Chat for Server

Hello, I am currently developing a new serious roleplay gamemode for my server which is heavily based on the chat. I want to totally disable voice chat from the whole server e.g so nobody can speak at all with admin exception if possible.
Is there an addon or simple sv_ for the server cfg that does this? If so, it would be a great help.

Thank you

  • Chaz

sv_voiceenable 0

You can just throw this in your server.cfg file.

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Thanks for help.

I don’t even play hl2rp due to the fact that I can’t talk, it’s so stupid.

There used to be a HL2RP server in 2007 that had voice enabled. The server was actually very popular, stayed in the top rankings for a long time.

Voice breaks immersion. I prefer to use voice in servers out of character, it really makes it more fun though.