disablement mod 2010 updated vershoin

it is not working and i did everything right i put it in addons i enabled gore mod it said also that the command didnt exsiste aslo it didnt show it was in the addons when i opened the game can some one help or give me anorther link that will help me because rag doll slaughter house isnt the same without gore

The update broke most addons (haven’t played much Gmod lately so I don’t know about this one) you’re gonna have to wait until the author updates the addon

i found someething better gore mod with bones so bloodly its awesome i found out what the problem

Oh, i know it too but i cant get it working :frowning:
How you made it work?

Download “Dismemberment Mod 1.9” and stop supporting stolen shit.

Disablement mod? And yeah, as CMasta said, don’t download stolen files. This is why garrysmod.org is in such bad shape.

Learn English first.

dismemberment 1.9 downloaded and working :slight_smile: no longer supports the other one i was haveing a problem with

Hm. What’s Disablement mod? There’s such a mod? Or are you talking about Dismemberment mod. Please arse yourself to type properly nonetheless the title that everyone will see.