Disabling FAdmin (DarkRP)


My ULX-ranks is basically getting reset everytime i join, and the problem does not occur if fadmin is disabled, or it isn’t running on MySQL

Thanks! :slight_smile:

That link should work. Try look in disabled_defaults.lua and set the “fadmin” setting under DarkRP.disabledDefaults[“modules”] to true.

Sorry for not answering! And thanks for your answer!

I’ve got fadmin disabled. But i really thought it was some useless piece of crab… It wasn’t… A few darkrp-commands is now gone (i’ve added a custom scoreboard though), do you guys know if you can actually run fadmin on MySQL? - Everytime we try to do it, it keeps somehow corrupting our database… :s

FAdmin uses the same database as DarkRP. If you configure DarkRP to use FAdmin, you’ll see tables created for FAdmin too.

The problem now is. Everything is working fine, EXCEPT for damn FADMIN keeps resetting every players rank on rejoin. I really can’t figure this out…

What are the names of your groups?

Ulx groups.txt:

And this is my fadmin groups: