Disabling Fretta Gamemode Voting

I’m not sure if I’m attempting to fix the right problem. You tell me.

Here’s the deal; we( my community) have a 20 man death run server. Deathrun is using Fretta as a base gamemode. Everything works wonderfully, save that everytime a round ends, gamemode voting begins. Obviously if we are trying to run a 24/7 deathrun server we would like to eliminate fretta’s tendency to vote on other gamemodes, seeing as the only gamemode available is Deathrun.

If there is a quick solution, like a variable in Fretta that disables gamemode voting, please share. Keep in mind, we would like to retain the ability to vote for maps, just disable the voting for other gamemodes.

The other solution I was thinking of was that there might be a standalone version of Deathrun available somewhere. If you know of any, could you please share?


Shameless bump.

I also have this issue, I hope someone here can help us out, I know its a few months old but no other threads have answered this, I know someone posted an extract from TTT but I can’t get it to work.

in ttt you also need to add to server cfg file “ttt_fretta_mapvoting 1” which disables gamemode voting

I know but I want this for Deathrun, someone posted some code in another thread from TTT but I couldnt figure out where to put it in Fretta.

function GM:StartFrettaVote()
if GAMEMODE.m_bVotingStarted or GAMEMODE:InGamemodeVote() then return end
– manually set what would be the result of a GM vote otherwise
GAMEMODE.WinningGamemode = “whateveryourdeathrungamemodeis”

  GAMEMODE.m_bVotingStarted = true



try getting “fretta must die” files for your gamemode from ttt?

Oh didnt know this, I’ll go look at that then, I’ve never used TTT before on my server.

I tried the fretta must die stuff… dont know how to connect them to the current files though.