Disabling mouse cursor with gui.EnableScreenClicker

i want to set the default mouse cursor when you open the context menu and other such things to be blank, as you can by setting a panel’s cursor to be blank. is this possible?

I don’t think it is afaik.

What you should do is create and register a vgui component based off Panel, DPanel, DFrame or what ever you need and in the init function, set the panels (self) cursor to blank. Then you can re-use this vgui element through out your code.

If I understand this right, you want to have the cursor in the context menu to be “invisible” and not disabled?

The simplest option that comes to mind is to edit the context menu code from the base/sandbox (not sure which) gamemode or copy and place it into your own gamemode to overwrite and edit it.

Hope it helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

That might mess with context menu stuff and it also wont work when hovering over other panels, it would only really be possible by editing base code like @Liquid said.

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