Disabling Other Addons

I’m trying to temporarily disable or block another addon through my own addon. What are my options if any?

Depends on the addon. There’s no default way of completely disabling an addon provided by the game for servers/whatever.

And for good reason too. You shouldn’t be fucking with what a player decided to install and play with.

If your addon does not work well with another whole addon, then you should consider that maybe there’s something wrong with your addon.

Addon: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1416843

My addon works fine, I don’t want that rdm manager to display an rdm popup if the killer has a certain weapon.

That’s all up to you then. Throw a check inside that addon.

That addon is used all over, I prefer to add support for that addon within my addon if possible to keep installation as simple as drag and drop to the addons folder.

A simple check could do that for you. You could go about it a few ways. If you only want one weapon:

if  attacker:GetActiveWeapon():GetClass() != "weapon_test" then
    logfunction(victim,attacker, message)

Or you can use a dictionary type array for more weapons like

local dontLog = { ["weapon_1"] = true, ["weapon_2"] = true, ["weapon_3"] = true, }

if !dontLog[attacker:GetActiveWeapon():GetClass()] then
 logfunction(victim,attacker, message)

So all you have to do now is equip the weapon and use a car to kill people, as it wont be logged.
You should check if either inflictor or attacker is the weapon, and not the attackers active weapon because there’s no guarantee he used it to kill you just because he’s holding it.