Disabling Pointshop 2 accessories as a ghost

Hello there,

I am attempting to holster all items on their pointshop 2 inventory if a player is on a specific team.
I am running a Deathrun server, and the team ID for the ghosts (I have https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/769/ghost-mode- ) is TEAM_GHOST with an id of 5.

Basically, the deaths usually activate traps on the players which are in the ghostmode just because they have an accessory from the pointshop 2 which makes them look like they got the ‘invisible’ ability from RTD (Roll The Dice). I’ve been trying to resolve this for a while now, but I need some help as I’m unable to do it.


You always come here expecting to be spoonfed by us. You should really learn Lua, especially if you own your own GMod server(s). In the mean time you should take a look at gmodstore.

You claim you’ve been trying to resolve this for awhile, but you show absolutely nothing you’ve done. As Sean has said you keep wanting people to spoonfeed you with little to no effort on your end.

If you have that script, contact the author and request he add a feature like that. If he turns you down, this is the only hint I’ll give you - look where the Pointshop 2 accessories are being drawn on the player model. There you will be able to do what you need.

Alright sorry, I’ll just not use face punch for support anymore then as obviously most people are here not to support me.

You say I have put no effort into it, ye but I’ve been trying to make my own codes with my friend who knows a bit about lua as well…