Disabling punt on gravity gun

Go easy on me, I’m not experienced when it comes to all of this

I have a GoFish server I run, one problem though is that people are using their gravity gun to punt things and kill other players. I’ve already got this code to disable it:

hook.Add("GravGunPunt", "DontPunt", function(Pl, Ent)
	return false

The problem is, I have no idea where to put this in order for it to work. Any help would be really appreciated

Just put it in any of the lua files in the gamemode. There will be files like init.lua, don’t put it in that, but put it in like a main file that’s big and has all of the game functions.

Just stick it at the bottom.

I believe this may help:




You aint closing the hook.

hook.Add>>(<< Open - “FunctionName”, “blah”, function()
end >>)<< Closed