Disabling Q-Menu

This has been probably asked a million times. I’ve tried searching this forum, other forums, googling it, and i still have not found anything to help me disable my q-menu, or atleast customize the stools.


  1. Take out the stools that i don’t want user’s using.
  2. Make the Q-Menu More “Neat”
  3. To also learn if there is a way to diable the q-menu entirely. ( Like PERP does)

I know how to add stools, i just want to remove the stools pre-installed in garrysmod for my gamemode.

Please Help.


The magic of looking on a wiki…
P.s. This is for sandbox!
P.s.s If you don’t derive from sandbox there is no menu D:

Hey! Your my magic man!! Alright, Goal 3. Accomplished !! now, is there a way to just remove the stools?
I just did a quick ctrl-F search through gamemode & function section, nothing popped up for stools.