Disabling Rcon on Garry's Mod server.

Just wanted to ask how do you disable rcon on a garrysmod server?

why?Own server or someone’s else.

own server.

why anyone can join with or without the rcon.

I think somebody is using rcon exploit to crash the server,so I need to disable the rcon.

rcon_password “”


That will allow anyone who knows what RCon is to use it. BAD JUJU.

And you can’t disable RCon.

That pretty much does disable it :downs: With no password there is no authentication, so the system should shut off. It’s a precaution.

How does that make any fucking sense?

“olol, u wanna disabel arrcon, u have to remoav teh passwerd! thers no 0/1 convar or nuttin!”

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Becaze wit nu passwurd teh RCunt is disable :dance:

If there is no form of verification, the service designed to keep a servers settings from being changed will shut down, it’s like if you were to remove the wire data transfer lua from Wiremod, you’d have have parts that cannot work due to no methods of sending and receiving data. (not a great analogy I’ll admit)

This doesn’t answer my question.

Why can’t Valve just add in a CVar? “rcon_enable 0/1 <default 1>”.

Because Valve are lazy fucks, they took ages for the exploit fix; what makes you think they’ll make this?

Because it’s easier to use the system in place then go trawling through code to add some lines that will actually disable the RCon without having to edit server.cfg.

just change the rcon pass

or shut down the server and use the logs to find out who is doing it.