Disabling/Removing default tools on a server


I was wondering if there was any way of removing or disabling some of the default tools, more specifically, the paint tool.

For some reason neither FPP or URS can stop it from working, even if it is restricted. The tool causes a lot of server side lag if spammed.


URS does restrict the paint tool. I never experienced server lag when players used it while blocked.

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Also, this should be in ‘help and support’.

Post a screenshot of your URS ULX window and I’ll take a look.

URS does ‘restrict’ it, however, it does not actually stop the tool from working. E.g. you use it, you get a message saying the tool is restricted, however it still sprays. The only difference it seems to make is that other clients cant see the paint. It still has the same effect on the server either way.

If the other clients can’t see it, I’m assuming it’s only painting client-side for the player, so other clients ‘shouldn’t’ be affected.

Either way - When I’ve used URS and blocked many tools and players spam them such as paint ( which they always do ) I’ve never noticed a performance decrease. What exactly is happening? It’s causing actual server lag? As in, players are jittering about etc?

Other clients are not affected, which is like a semi-restriction. The server’s tick rate drops through the floor if paint is spammed. URS and FPP do a great job at restricting other tools, just not paint.