Disabling the crosshair on the snipers in TTT

Should the crosshair be disabled when using the sniper in TTT? I’m thinking of this because the sniper shouldn’t have a crosshair at all, it should have been disabled by default, and if anyone listens to this and changes it, the server should be able to change the option. If you think it should be removed, agree with the post, if you think it should stay there, then disagree with the post. If you don’t know how to agree or disagree? put your mouse on the post and click the green check(agree), or click the red X(disagree).Post the reason you agree or disagree thread.

You can very easily remove the crosshair by removing 10 lines of code. Why would you even force this change on someone? Because it’s unrealistic? Unfair? That all applies to the rest of the guns too.

Snipers don’t have magnifying glasses that you look in and estimate where to shoot…

Look at the scope

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Why don’t you think it’s a good idea? It would ruin the point of using a scope.

The point of the scope is to be able to shoot with a lower FOV and mouse sensitivity.