Disabling the Voice on Server will means less bandwidth requirement for each player?

I have about 120kbps of Upload on my server.
On Garrysmod Wiki says that each user uses 30kbps, so i can host only 4 players.
But if i disable the Voice on server by sv_voiceenable 0, Will decrease the bandwidth requirement?
If yes by what? Less 10kbps each Player?
And I’m Using FastDL, so the server not using the server bandwidth to download.
Or if i use voice compression or other codec it will low the the bandwidth requirement?

Anyway i’m Accepting any Suggestion to put more players on my server without lag.

Because i’m puting 6 players, but i got Lag when the 5 or 6 player shows up!

Please help!

Voice will affect the bandwidth if it’s used, but not by a specific amount (referring to “Less 10kbps each Player?”). It depends how many people use it and how frequently.

That was not the answer I was expecting.
So the Voice do not have a Reserved Quota As I thought.
Well just i use Voice on server, the almost people on my server prefer type or just don’t have any Mic.

So basically will not matter i turn it off?

Have any other way to save Bandwidth to put more players?