Disabling VAC to prevent players from lagging out - Thoughts?

This bullshit happens to my servers on a daily basis:

Sometimes just a few people drop, sometimes everyone drops. Very frustrating. I’ve looked into this problem and it seems like it’s on Valve’s end. I’m aware that you can type -insecure which disables Valve authentication and that just might fix this problem. Are there any downsides to doing this, besides that it lets in more hacking assholes? In particular, would it affect a server’s ability to show on the master server list if -insecure was set?

IIRC even then it can happen. When it drops everyone, it seems that your server lost connection to the steamserver, Steam Community is going apeshit, or the player cache went wonky.

Disabling vac will have no effect.

So there’s nothing that can be done about it? Do all servers have this issue?

Yes. In your region, at least

I remember having this issue, it was really weird - the server would just sort of freeze up for a few minutes, once a day

I disabled VAC to see if it’d make a difference and I couldn’t really tell if it helped, like it seemed to happen less but not stop completely

it can happen if you’re being ddos’ed … or if you select some text in the server console window and leave it selected… or if you hold down the scroll bar on the server window…

if you disable vac some kids might appear from 2009 and use baconbot on your server

-insecure doesn’t really do much.
I remember few weeks ago as I played CSS, vac banned users were still being kicked from -insecure servers after few seconds-minutes because of VAC.

The server and client both need the -insecure tick to avoid being kicked.