Disallow alt account bans

Is there a way I can make it so people don’t get banned for having an alt account?

or set a player immune to getting banned… using ulx

You added a script to stop people getting banned for using alt accounts… Just remove it?

but I didn’t… only using ulx…

This, but if you dont want to remove it, in the function where it executes the ban put

if ply:SteamId ~= (steamid you dont want banned) then (the rest of the function)

nope nothing… I’ve searched through countless other forums/threads of people asking for the same, and nobody has given a working solution

ply:SteamID() ~= “id”

In ulx, you can filter targets. Just give your unbannable players a special rank and iirc you can filter targets to !%UnbanableRankNameGoesHere

Apply that to each rank that can ban.

How does ulib check if an account is an alt?

It doesn’t by default. A custom module/modification would be required to achieve this.

*Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge.


To answer the op’s question regarding a ‘ban immunity’ feature;

The best way to achieve this would be to register an access string named something like “ulx_ban_immunity”, this access string can then be granted to groups or individual users via the ulx menu itself.
The next step would be to edit the ulx banning function(s) to include a condition check such as the following:

if not ULib.ucl.query( target_ply, "ulx_ban_immunity" ) then

    -- Original function operations here


( as mentioned by yourmawm101 )