Disappointed about alpha testers involvement

It’s been hours since the PVE server reset. At the moment, there are 29 players. No one of them have mentionned a specific bug on animals on forum/github. People seem comfortable with that situation.

What to think about it ?!?

I can’t even get the game running

Yep, same thing

Well, on the PvE server the animals are bugged at the moment.
None of them move or attack you. Zombies are also scarce.

I hadnt been on, but see what your talking about. But instead of trying to make yourself seem righteous, I noticed that you didnt post it in Bug Reports either. Instead of starting a useless thread, you could have taken a more mature approach and posted it in Bug Reports.

He posted it in bugreport 2 houres ago pritty much the same time he opened this post. The bug was on most of the PvP servers and is now on PvE as well.

Well apparently it’s a known bug that they used to have, it just came back so I’m sure they are working on another fix.