Disco Room

How do i make one of those disco floors that keep changing colors and such and inside it ravebreak is playing?

I did this by making an animated texture.

can you give me a download link of this animated texture?

Make one yourself. Just get some colorful image files and use VTFEdit.

i dont know how to make textures im a newb i just want to download one and put it on.

Learn to make it, doing it is the only way to learn.

The point is I dont know how to make a flashy texture i think i know how to make a texture but not an animated one :open_mouth:

In VTFEdit press import and choose all the textures you want to be animated in order, and then you are done.

so i would save colorful squares as jpgs import them in vtf edit and… it makes no sense i want the squares to keep changing colors can you make a tutorial firegod :smiley:


or jsut give me a download link to the texture because its easier

Like I said, Press File>Import.

Hold ctrl or shift, and click on each texture you want to be animated then press okay

and then what so i would get like 10 colored squares import them in the order i want press okay then i…

please give me a download link though itd be easier for me 4shared.com is a good one


how do i add music to the map

and link it to a button

I believe you would use an ambient_generic entity for that.

how come the water i made is invisible but when i jump in it its there and i can swim in it? I used nodraw then a water texture.

Post the compile log. You probably have a leak.

fixed it there was a leak also how i add train tracks?


firegod can i add u on steam

I made these small holes in the ground, and put some glass over it. Put 1 or 2 lights in it (Depends how much colors you want) and logic_timers.


Logic Timers:







no that is what the steam icon is for :v:

I’m kidding, go ahead.

Can you tell me about the train tracks?