Disconected Server Uses Diffrent Class Tables

Problem: Im at a stage were i my self and a few others are working on a role play server on garrys mod, im hosting it of my own network untill its finshed… nore my self and freinds cant join becuase it says “Disconected Server Uses Diffrent Class Tables” Im sure i just need to update it but i dont know how :frowning: please help soon… as im yet to test a mod i got yesterday and im realy excited :).

I would like to point out this happend after yesterdays update :L

Thank You.

The server needs updating. If it is your server, just run SteamCMD and do app_update 4020 validate

wait so i dont need my origanle steam cmd i never saved it just load it up and should work ?

You just need to run the update command in Steam CMD

i have did not work

it says app “4020” all ready up to date :frowning:

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it says app “4020” all ready up to date :frowning:

Reinstall the server

This is going to be the most stupidest thing you have ever been asked but what delete it all ? becuase i want my addons and stuff not to chang :frowning:
can i copy addons and other important folder over and just replace it when i reinstaled dark rp?

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i have just put the garys mod stuff into its own folder to ver right when re install thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Dont reinstall? Thats dumb. Try again first and make sure its not working. Reinstalling isnt the answer to everything.

to late i backed up the stuff i need doo so the addons, loading screen and cutsom jobs and yea :slight_smile:

Ok thats fine, im just saying, there is always another way. Dont become like my dad is with linux. He installs it, changes one setting that annoys him, re installs, and he does this over and over and over.

You gotta reinstall cause SteamCMD is sometimes shitty and does not update an existing installation properly.

Worked on all 4 of my servers. Just saying…

It doesn’t work SOME TIMES for SOME PEOPLE.

i have just be informed by a friend to do force_install_dir \C:garrysmodserver and then app_update see if dat works

If you do not have a server there, it will just reinstall it, just what I suggested.