Disconnect:Added to ban list problem

So! I was banned from my own server and i assume its due to the server thinking i was hacking rcon… i’m not sure how to fix this and the server is gone from my servers list. Could anyone help me fix this?

Do you have an anti-cheat such as QAC or Ley? ALso if you spam connecting to rcon or spam changing your name you’ll be banned I am pretty sure.

Just ulx…

First, find your server’s IP, you should know it. Then find your SteamID with this tool. Go onto your server’s console and type


Then join, if that doesn’t work go to your server’s FTP. Look in garrysmod/cfg/banned-users.cfg and see if your steamid is in there. Delete your steamid from it if it is and reupload the banned-users.cfg. Restart your server and try again.

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It isn’t ULX banning you (probably) so the second thing would most likely fix it.

Protip: Don’t do what you did before again.

Already checked banned users cfg, and i had some admins try to unban me in game. Nothing has worked

Maybe check banned-ips.cfg?


Upload a picture of your addons folder…

Last one that you dont see there is zones

Looked this up on google


Christ that’s too many addons

Well thats what makes darkrp fun huh? Alright, ill try to work on this tomorrow, thanks for the help

He already checked banned ips though. Also why did you already remove the image?

Doesn’t matter, probably something illegal