Disconnect: Banned permanently: Alt account detected.

Is this a new public script or something? I got banned for absolutely no reason on multiple servers for this exact reason.

I own a legit copy of gmod on the account I was using, non familyshared
Fresh IP, never used before
Wasn’t banned on the server previously

Google found that http://propaneandpropaneaccessories.com/bans/

What a lovely server

It’s also on Talon Gaming and some random sandbox server.

The community is such a bad joke.

In their defence if they don’t like someone its their right to ban them from their community, even their inane descriptions.

Tho treating people like that will probably result in them getting ddossed at some point.

that’s OK, less players for them.

Global banning systems across multiple unconnected servers is dumb and everyone except the dumbest of the dumb know it.

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I was once banned from a server for being a hacker who I wasn’t was

only to be later accused of being that guy that I was not

just have to avoid shitty servers really

I don’t know if I should make a joke about how poorly written that was, or be concerned and ask you if you can smell burning toast.

Anyway, back on topic. Global banning system is a bit like communism (no, this isn’t a joke). It only take one biased server to bring the whole idea to it’s knees.


Figured out how it works, close thread please.

Pretty sure you can close it yourself by marking it solved.

You can marked it solved yourself which closes the thread.

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