Disconnect: By Res

Help with this Try’d Reinstalling, Verify cache. But still cannot join my favorite Server. if you know the fix please let me know. Ive even try’d deleting the whole steamid/common/Garrysmod folder.

What does Disconnect: By Res mean?

Dont ask me im triyng to find out… its “disconnect not ret”

if you’re gonna make a help topic make sure you have enough information everyone can use to try and solve the problem.
judging by the (failed) topic title you were probably disconnected from a server.

theres nothing else i can tell you. ive done everything you possibly could to fix the problem on my end… i deleted, reinstalled gmod and even verify the ceche. says shit about a netchannel.

Can you take a screenshot of the exact error instead of giving us useless information?