Disconnect: Connection rejected by game

I’ve just spent 2 hours rebuilding what I lost in garrys mod due to the error popping up when I try to load a local saved game. I then realised (after I made it a 3rd time), the problem still occours.

Its only with some saves though…which I dont understand

Any help as to what could be causing the problem, or just simply how to fix it? Its really annoying me, and making it useless to play. :frowning:

Thanks alot :smiley:

I am also having this problem. did you find a soulution ?

Saves are no longer really supported, Use duplicator or Adv. Duplicator.

You have got to be joking. That’s utter horseshit. Adv. Dup is not really suitable for extensive scene builds or machinima. What the hell were they thinking?

Why is the thread title now Disconnect: Connection rejected by game ?