disconnect every 3-10 minutes

Yep, like every three to twenty minutes it will pop up saying connection problem, and then after 40 seconds, disconnect me.

someone help me please, i have no time to build stuff as i always get the problem!

Thanks in advanceā€¦


P.S: W00T first post, although i didnt think it would be discussing a problem, :smiley:

EDIT: Please respond, its happened again 2 times o.0

EDIT: ARGH sorry i posted this in the main area, mod or admin please move it!
EDIT EDIT: Maybe i didnt as there are other posts like mine around this areaā€¦


Please help!


Now on some servers they have 10 minute time out, so when i get disconnected i have to wait for 10 minutes!

Disconnect: STEAM UserID STEAM_::***** is already
in use on this server.

Remove ClientRegistry.blob inside the Steam folder

Same for me, on tf2. It was really bugging me and I just got so fed up that I uninstalled it and havenā€™t played it for a month.

Done it, now team is updating and i am awaiting the response.

Thanks for the help you gave though :smiley:

Just made steam update and now it still happens, 2 minutes i counted.


I wouldnt like to do that.
Anyway i guess il just have to live with it for the time being.