Disconnect from singleplayer.

So, I was on singleplayer Gmod, making a spinny turret. I decided that 2 rows of turrets on the spinning barrel was not enough, so I added 4 more to each row. I start fireing. Everything is good so far. I start to spin the turret. Instantly, I was booted off my level, with this message:
Does anybody know a fix for this?
By the way, I have no mods installed at all, if that will change responses.

You probably lagged to much. Same thing happened to me when I decided I would try to push the game to it’s limit.

This happens to me when I use the “Realistic Dismemberment Mod”.

i have same problem

anyone know how to fix it?

is annoying…

btw (pls no tell me, clean addon folder dont work)

There’s no fix. Either try not to lag your GMod so much, or upgrade your computer