Disconnect: Invalid STEAM UserID Ticket

I get this when I try joining my server.

I have a support ticket into the server provider, but I wanted to ask the group HERE as well what this is and how to fix it.

Delete clientregistry.blob and restart Steam.

Had this problem. Just logout of Steam and Log in again, This should work!

Wasnt this the fix for “This steam id is connected to another computer” issue I also posted on these forums about? How may times a week is that blob file needing to be reset?

EDIT1: That didn’t fix the problem. I am trying to connect to a dedicated server, singleplayer works.

Sorry for the double post but I wanted to warn you all about something…

The above error was determined to be on the server provider’s end. They had it fixed, but unfortunately their system has gone down AGAIN.

avoid cheapgameservers.com - their downtime seems to be more frequent lately. I’m shopping around for a better provider around the same price!

That blob file causes most of the problems steam has ever had.

This particular problem is actually on the dedi’s side.

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