"Disconnect: ." Issue.

Basically when I spawn a few contraptions with the advanced duplicator, it will usually get to about 97% then the game will disconnect [In singleplayer] giving me an error message saying “Disconnect: .”

Ever since a few updates ago this has been happening, and it’s never done it before. Maybe something in those new updates broken something? The game has just been reinstalled with no mods by the way… and it’s still doing it.

This is a big issue for me because it renders most of my stuff completely useless therefore the game is for me too. Any ideas? Thanks.

Ya i get this also im pretty sure its happening to everyone


Luke, I know you and your funpark contraptions. It’s a miracle they don’t crash you anyway.

Anyway, I thought the crashing was due to props colliding?

Well literally it’s just a frame with nothing colliding. It’s not physically crashing the game disconnects me from singleplayer…

Bump…till problem is solved, as an alternative DP duplicator works just like adv duplicator only problem is it cannot import adv dup saves (different coding) which wont really solve the main problem

Seems to happen when 1 too many things are happening at once, and G-Mod’s effort to keep the game from crashing is to end the game.

I agree this is so annoying, if the game is gonna crash then it should CRASH instead of giving me “Disconnect: .” Such an informative error message, that deserves an Oscar.

is their anyway to override? I know my system wont crash


I’m getting the same thing. I have Dismemberment mod 1.9, and when I try to squish more than a few NPC’s, i get the “disconnect. . .”!

Try advanced duplicator 2.