Disconnect Message

Is there anyway to stop the message from shifting up and being covered?


Make smaller messages.


gatekeeper is good for removing the “Kicked by Console : {reason}”

but for making smaller messages i can only suggest printing the reason to their console but setting the actual disconnect message to something like “Check your console!”

I used the combination of what G4MB!T did and what Tyler is suggesting. Here’s what I did.

SendUserMessage( “SendBanInfo”, ply, server, length, left, reason, admin )

timer.Simple( 1, function()
	gatekeeper.Drop(ply:UserID(), "Banned for " .. tostring( left ) .. " minutes! More info in console" )
end )


usermessage.Hook( “SendBanInfo”, function( um )
local server, length, left, reason, admin = um:ReadString(), um:ReadLong(), um:ReadLong(), um:ReadString(), um:ReadString()

	if length == 0 then length, left = "Permanent", "Never" else length, left = tostring( length ), tostring( left ) end
	chat.AddText( evolve.colors.red,

Appeal your ban at: ]], evolve.colors.blue, “”, evolve.colors.red, [[

Server: ]], evolve.colors.blue, server, evolve.colors.red, [[

Length: ]], evolve.colors.blue, tostring( length ), evolve.colors.red, [[

Time Left: ]], evolve.colors.blue, tostring( left ), evolve.colors.red, [[

Reason: ]], evolve.colors.blue, reason, evolve.colors.red, [[

Admin who banned you: ]], evolve.colors.blue, admin, evolve.colors.red, [[
----------------------------------------------------------]] )

its funny cos my name is actually Tyler XD

Thanks for the advice thats exactly what i did, but i just looked back at this post xD

Thanks for the example but i already finished it before i checked back xD


AllowedPlayers = {

local function PasswordCheck(name, pass, steam, ip)
print(Format(“User: ‘%s’ Pass: ‘%s’ SteamID: ‘%s’”, name, pass, steam))
if table.HasValue(AllowedPlayers, steam) then Msg("Access Granted
") return true
else return {false, “You do not have permission to join this server.
To gain permission to enter the server contact Jeff

hook.Add(“PlayerPasswordAuth”, “test”, PasswordCheck)[/LUA]
I just use a table to allow certain players in :stuck_out_tongue: