" Disconnect: This Steam account is being used in another location"

Hey Facepunch, I installed Gmod after a while of absence, and I can play single player fine, but when I try to host or join a server I get the error:

Disconnect: This Steam account is being used in another location

I’m at wits end because I’ve tried everything from restarting to reinstalling, and nothing seems to work, any solution?

Change your password, then verify your email account.

Remove everything from the steam folder except steam.exe and steamapps

This will fix it. Warning: This will remove all favorited servers and skins!

And all my games!

Servers work in other source games so I doubt this is the problem.

It wont remove all your games, I said DONT remove steamapps and steam.exe. Trust me this will work, I had the same problem.

File -> Change user… -> Logout

Then relogin.

That’s because as you removed all of them, you also removed clientregistry.blob.

Just remove steam/clientregistry.blob to fix it

I like being sure.


just log out and log back in what is happening is that steam is saying that your steam id is currently appointed to a different computers ip address. this happens alot to my friends who play alot at LAN parties.

Logging out and in again doesn’t always fix it. I get this problem whenever I log in with my laptop, and then try logging in with my stationary PC again. For me, the only way to fix it is by deleting clientregistry.blob, as I said before.