Disconnect - ♀

One of the players from my server is telling me he is receiving a disconnect when he joins. He told me that his message for the disconnect is: “Disconnect: ♀”. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

I’ve seen other users complain of this too, I’ve even had the problem. The most common suggestion is just to keep retrying until he gets in.

I’m curious as to why this happens too.

What addons are both of you running? It could be an addon; one thing you could try is searching through the GMA files ( Lua is stored in plain text ) for the symbol: ♀

Although if it is masked then it wouldn’t show up like that.

The server I get it on custom coded everything, and the owner spent hours trying to find out why it happens with no success; which makes me think it’s not addon related.

Clients can specify a disconnect reason using some messing around with INetChannel(Info?), though its probably more likely just an adding of yours not handling Unicode properly.

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