Disconnected - Changed Connection

Just happened to a bunch of friends and I on US East Coast 3, anyone else?

Trying to reconnect I get Facepunch Connector AuthTimeout

Our whole server went down. says facepunch connector timeout, no one can rejoin

Same, two kevlars fell asleep infront of me, killed them then same happened to me lol

same here can0t join to any server

just happened to me too. My friend’s still online tough. Fun. =D 2nd time this week too. any idea if its steam related or facepunch?

Me too, some servers have people in them. I wonder whether they actually do.

also can no longer join any server, same message. wow this sucks. someone is getting free c4 tonight >:(

Steam appears to be taking a shit for many games, including Dota 2 and CS:GO

happened here as well … thanks to steam

Same problem here. I searched and this has happened before, seems like it was a Steam issue (See: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1335430). It could also be possible they are doing an update.

Same here

Just got DC in the middle of a field whilst attacking a base, anyone know how long until i can rejoin?

Shit broke on Steam EU and several other services just recently. There may be a ripple effect across Steamworks games.

Bottom line: Everybody calm your tits. It’s likely a system outage that is beyond Facepunch Studios’ control, and the ETA is unknown but as fast as possible so just be patient and try again in a little while. Go watch some stuff on YouTube for 20-30 minutes.

I cannot open/access Steams webpage so it should be from their side and have to wait till they fix this ,cheers

Where you guys located? I’m near east coast and my buddy on the west coast isn’t having any issues

thats what I’m wondering too. Buddy I mentionned is central, no issues. It’s probably an east coast hub that got invaded by the monkeys. Bad monkeys.

its steam

thing just went totally off on me. I suppose its a good sign and that they are fixing the issue

Our server had 80+ on, over half just got disconnected and nobody can get back on. Somehow 36 didn’t get d/c and they’re running wild right now raping and pillaging… Fun.

steam jsut took a nose dive.