"disconnected connection attempt failed"

Getting this error more often than not.

I was able to play on a server for a while then I got disconnected. When I attempted to reconnect it gave me that error.

This isnt the first and only server this has happened to me on.

Also, there are some servers my friend can connect to that I cannot.

I have reinstalled Rust 4 times now and I cannot figure out what to do. I’ve tried running as admin, running in compatibility mode for windows 7, everything i can possibly think of, firewalls, etc etc.

This is getting really frustrating for my friends and I.

Please help

I run on Windows 8.1 64 bit

Amd 8350@4.0
Amd Radeon HD7970
8 gigz ram

Edit: Why did someone mark this post as dumb? Im asking a real question here

Bump, please someone, need help

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I’ve narrowed it down a bit, the only port Ive found so far that i cannot connect to is 28016… I dont know why



suggest you stop bumping, tends to piss people off.

as per the error, i would suggest your (internet) connection is dropping out. try a pc restart, modem restart, modem factory reset etc.

Been there, done that, its not my ISP

This is a real bug. My connection is fine. I’m a network engineer btw. So when I say it’s fine, it’s fucking fine. Matter of fact I can connect fine to any server through Linux, this problem happens only with Windows, and it happens on every server I attempt to join. Seems a bit jackass to get on someones case for bumping a thread that’s reporting a game stopping error like this. Noone has answered him, his game is broken. He needs help. So do I. I’ve removed every trace of Rust I can find, and reinstalled both the main branch and the dev branch and the result is the same.

tevihn i think you got kicked with this msg “timed out” if so then
just restart modem that change your ip then u can play again it isn’t your isp its vac bug
sry if didn’t helped

The error isn’t “Timed Out” it’s “Disconnected: Connection Attempt Failed”

It’s not related to IP address, I can connect using the Linux client with the same IP.

well that gonna be a real problem :confused: something may block vac in windows idk is it fresh windows?
you have a lot of programs?
watch fot iobit that block vac

list of apps :slight_smile:

oh gee, you are a network engineer? we don’t have any of those here. glad you can confirm that your network is “fucking fine”. as for the 3 contentless bumps, people can get banned for just the one; it’s not “getting on his case” it’s warning him against it so he doesn’t put himself in line for a ban.

otherwise, what can i say? i suggested something, it was replied that it had been tried with no success. i’m not experiencing the issue, i’m out of answers, and if no one else other than you has come here reporting it/joining in to the thread, it’s unlikely to be a game breaking bug but an issue with his and your configurations.

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Yes, totally unique problem that noone has ever reported before.


Obviously it’s a problem with our configuration. We are probably both smart enough to figure that out without your help. We need help figuring out the actual problem, not discovering the fact that there is a problem. We know that.

holy shit, that’s like a total of 11 players since Feb!!

i’m out, your attitude bores me and i have no interest wasting my time further trying to help you as long as you are being a condescending prick.

Does anybody got a fix for this problem? or is it just to wait for the update ?

I’ve had this bug since the new rust came out, it just fails to connect I just get around it by spamming the join button until it works, it also happens with my CS:GO community browser I also have to spam that to join a server as well, so my guess is it might be firewall or anti virus blocking something in steam

anybody worked out how to fix

connection attempt failed rust experimental, modem restart not work for me!

Im having the same issue since 03/03/2016 update. I think my internet connection is fine, tried reinstalling, nothing works. Met around seven ppl in steam with the same problem. Halp plz.