disconnected: disconnected error

As title says iam getting this error randomly usually after 5-10 mins on every server and then cant reconnect for like 5 mins or so. is there any fix for this? and does anybody else have this problem?

console gives no info only that i am disconnected.

Im getting the same issue.

Sounds like EAC might be kicking you?

i am also experiencing the same issue no errors…also when using steam to lauch, the pre game window doesnt appear…i have to launch from the rustclient exe in the folder. Then once i get to the game just get Disconnected:disconnected

how can i know if its EAC? also what can i do to prevent this?.. since iam not using any hacks or other programs.

bump… cmon… need help

If it’s EAC responsible then there’s not much Garry can do. A couple of the EAC guys post here for related issues so either they will respond with a fix, or you might have to PM one of them.

OK who shoud i pm?

Also when i try to connect to an offical server after i get kicked from the modded one i get this massage error .

It’s probably a good time to explain why we have these EAC guys working at this instead of doing it ourselves. We didn’t get into game development to fight these battles. Having a bunch of guys who specialise in this kind of stuff means we can concentrate on game development. Which is where we should be focusing all of our attention. And so far it’s working. There are hacks for Rust - there always are going to be. But there are a lot less hacks for the current version than there were for Legacy.

         Directly from the Dev blog....so im not sure why we would have to look to a 3rd party for a fix...we bought Rust...it worked...a patch happened and now it doesnt.

That’s a different problem to the one we and quite a few other’s are having Amnesia, as you pointed out the problem started on Friday with the new patch, before that everything was fine. I have had a the VACCheckTimeOut message once but that was when the server booted everyone at the same time :S

i dont get any vac issues…just EAC:Unconnected and Disconnected:Disconnected

EAC Unconnected means you’re starting the game without EAC

I have to try multiple time to join a server often getting Timed Out/Disconnect errors,
When i do connect i get this,


Also on a disconnection front, there are 2 rust players in my household only one of us can connect at any one time, when one is connected the other Times out while trying to connect.

I can’t actually help in any way but just wanted to ask, have you and your housemate tried play separate branches? Like you on dev and him on stable?

Both on main both trying to get to same server.
could be worth a try but i have a feeling it’s the way packets are handled.

If you’re getting Disconnected: disconnected from every server you join and you’ve used hacks in the past or present, you most likely are EAC banned.

At least it’s keeping hacking/cheating away from the game, a lot more than it was in legacy.

DON’T cheat! Your time will come!

Yesterday i got those errors too:
Disconnected: Disconnected


Steam Auth: k_EAuthSessionResponseVACCheckTimeOut

Never cheated, i can connect after some minutes of having the error.

Well i just bough the game yesterday ( gift cd key ) , and didnt install or use any cheats. I barely even have any items …

Yeah what I said only applies to people that would of used cheats

this is the console data iam getting now.