disconnected: disconnected error

it’s fine, it’s a failed VAC check, not related to a ban.

This is what you say when you try to stable.

GameID: 12
Windows Version: 6.0 (Build 6002)
64Bit System: Yes
64Bit Client: Yes
ErrorCode: 2
ErrorMsg: Failed to initialize the game process. Error Code: 2 Exit Code: 0
ServiceVersion: 0
UUID: 6fdec7c9-3eeb-be3a-e7a0-f49afac1dd7a

Puts Easyanticheat bug and tell me if I want to send the error. I’ve done more than 20 times.

After pressing whether to send the bug report opens rust and another error. Rust Launcher Error: ShellExecute failed witch Game Error- code 5. Pulse accept and not the game opens.

So is there anybody working on this or what? i even posted tickets and everything and got no offical reply… couse everytime i get dc-ed in the worst possible moment like when iam close to some airdrop or stuff like that so annoying >.>

After a few minutes to update the game as usual for my ago. I’m desperate and angry after 4 days trying to play and looking for solutions on my own. My patience is running out.

seriously, would you guys who are getting impatient calm down? this game has been in development for ages, and these kind of game breaking issues are not new; they are a part of the process. stop expecting immediate fixes and personal replies from the dev team, that’s just being unrealistic.

wait for eac knubbes reply on your other thread rather than making duplicate posts all over the place…

I get disconnected as well, but only from certain servers, while being able to connect to most others.

In my case the console gives the following reason:
Your manifest file differs from the server

This is even after updating EAC, fresh installs, etc.
Sometimes none of the servers even show up.

I am sorry that my problems bored you. But that’s what this fellow forum. And seguire indicating the failure to find a solution for me and for many others.
And I do not dedicate myself to double post. We speak the same error. :wink:

http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1452642&p=47195843#post47195843. pretty sure that’s the same error you are talking about here yeah? even the same pic.

i’m not bored with your problems. i’m saying to be more patient, and it’s not only directed at you.

still getting same error with no further explenation on consoole. Is this even getting fixed?? or did i waste my game money?

This problem is atleast 1 year old it seems and still no fix?..

Let me get this straight.
After every 5-10 minutes you get disconnected, then you can reconnect a few minutes later. Right?
Every server, right?

If you’re able to connect and play at all then EAC and VAC are okay in that you’re not banned.

This narrows it down to your PC/internet configuration.
It is likely after awhile your packet loss and/or ping are so bad you’re being dropped.
The “VACCheckTimedOut” means exactly that.

No one here can help you with your problem because no one here knows your configuration. It could be crappy internet service, a bad router configuration, bad firewall config… get the picture?

Well I play behind a router But my ping and internet connection is good and I never lagg or anything on any game or even rust. upnp is on and dont have any problems with other games. Added exeptions to Windows firewall and antivirus for rust dunno what else I can do.

But do you play any other VAC secured game? TF2 for example? These other games may not be running VAC which is the main issue.

I played tf 2 But not that much But I dont remamber getting kicked ever. I will try installing it and joining a game for a test.

U are right i tested TF2 today and i get the same error there. I also try-ed everything on this page https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2117-ILZV-2837 and nothing seems to help… any other ideas anybody?

Process of elimination:
Do you still use the same internet service?
Same computer?
Same router?

If one or more of those are different, start looking into each.

Ok after narrowing it down to my router i port forwarded the following ports :


and now the game seems to work perfectly. ( dunno why upnp doesnt take care of this usually i dont need to port forward any ports )

Thx no quarter u helped me more then rust/eac/steam support combined :slight_smile:

Right on, dude! Not a problem!

Used to work in IT. I try to keep this a secret as friends and family used to pester the fuck out of me to fix their computers. :wink:

Have fun!