Disconnected: EAC: EAC Disconnected

Guys need help. Unable to connect to any server. The problem appeared long ago. Reinstall the game, EAC, check the cache. Nothing helps. There is a solution to this problem?

You are game banned from rust. Nothing you can do about it. Next time don’t cheat.

i dont use cheats -_-

EAC disconnected is not a ban message.

there are a lot of suggestion to fix this,
What im doing when this occurs is, go into Steamapps -> Rust and then Open the Rustlauncher via the folders.
Normally it works always.

I open rust.exe and rustclient.exe with administrator rights. Not working via folder:cry:

I’ve had success with verifying the rust files in steam

Solved a problem reinstall the game to another folder:smile: