Disconnected:EAC HELP!

I bought rust like 2 days ago and i played without problems when Disconnected:EAC started showing and i was getting disconnected from the server i was playing i checked all the solutions on the forums and none of them worked can you please help me. Please respond i need help .

I’m having the same exact issue. Literally bought the game yesterday, downloaded it, and can’t connect to any servers. Every server gives me “EAC Disconnected”. I tried uninstalling/repairing EasyAntiCheat with no luck.

Nothing? I’m aware this game is in alpha but I figured I’d at least get to play…

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Well for anyone else googling the problem with no luck… I had my steam library running with a symbolic link to a larger drive. This is leftover from an old version of steam where you had to have everything installed on your C: drive and then put the link to your library to some larger drive (useful for fast small SSD/slow large drive combos).

Anyways, I went with the new ability to have multiple Steam Library folders and put Rust in the C: library folder (had to redownload it though) and everything works great now.

Have you tried verifying your files through steam?

Dear DUDEz :wink:

The problem is solvable but you must:
1- You must restart the STEAM CLIENT, better if the whole PC.
2- Check that our AntiChear service is active
3- Check the integrity of the DOWNLOADED files in your library.

Step 1:
It is the easiest way how to SOLVE many Windows-related and UPDATE problems.
Restart you PC, it’s easy and CHEAP :wink:

Step 2:
The AntiCheat is a SERVICE in your PC and it can be in some LOOP if you don’t use to POWER OFF or RESTART your PC!
GO to:
Windows KEY+R
Type: services.msc
Find: EasyAntiCheat
Go to: Startup type and SELECT “Automatic (Delayed startup)”
Press: START if not RUNNING or RESTART if running so that the new value is UPLOADED

Step 3:
Go to your LIBRAY of games in Steam
Select RUST
In the RIGHT middle/top SIDE you will find a GEAR LIKE icon, click on it, and select PROPERTIES!
Then on the MENU go to “LOCAL FILES” and select “VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES …”
It will take some time depending on your PC configuration and HARDWARE!

I found this solution searching on GOOGLE, not in the first lines but I’m used to solving problems, soo I solved mine.

This problem is manifesting MAINLY after UPDATES and after DAYS of playing RUST, I know something about that :slight_smile:

I hope that those 3 steps will make you play again the game.

Fix the problems and come ON-LINE, we need to LOOT your naked bodies and raid your 2x2s :wink: LOOL :slight_smile:

Best reards.