Disconnected: EAC: Unconnected, Just me?


Got an issue joining most servers, Keep getting the error EAC: Unconnected but i can see the EAC service is running, I cant join the London official server but can join the Amsterdam offical server. I also cant join the community server I play on. Anyone else had similar issues?


Read that post but I don’t have any such issue with malware/rootkit. I tried disabling my AV as well just to see if that was the issue, does anyone know if EAC logs anything that might help see what the issue is, I was playing last night just fine and I can connect to some official servers too

Can confirm! A lot of players can’t join my server at the moment.
I see a lot of [EAC] Kicking <steam id> (unconnected) in the console.

Yesterday everything was fine.

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I temporary disabled EAC checking with:
server.secure false

Will change if this is fixed for most players again.

Would be nice if an EAC dev can confirm if this is a known bug and if there are any workarounds

Just incase anyone else has this issue, I had a cache server on my network, I found clearing the proxy cache and doing ipconfig /flushdns on my client fixed the issue

This is a known issue, sorry for the trouble :confused:

Yesterday we released an update that improves connectivity for people on networks behind strict firewalls, like some universities have. This update apparently seems to give problems with few proxy server implementations. We’ll be deploying updates tomorrow and expect everything to be fixed by the evening.

Thanks, do you think the BSOD issue will be fixed in that update too?

Yes, both of these issues are included in tomorrow morning’s patch. Sorry about this happening to you, we will let you know here as soon as the update is out.

To fix the EAC Unconnected bug, i deleted the EAC folder inside the rust folder, and the eac dll in the base folder of rust, and recheckd integrity with steam. No more problems afterwards

Were you able to push out a patch this morning?

The connection issue with proxy servers and the incompatibility crash with DisplayFusion should be now fixed.

Please let us know if you’d still encounter any problems after now, thanks.