Disconnected from EVERY server :(

Hey Guys… After the recent 8mb update, It’s not letting me join any server at all.

Steps I’ve taken:

Restarted router
Verified integrity of game cache
Restart Steam
All other games and internet is working fine.

It’s strange as it’s been working for months without problems before this recent update.

Images of the error and console below.

Any help is appreciated!

There is an issue that has been reported with the latest update and are waiting on a update for the fix.

Hey, yeah I saw some posts on reddit of people having similar issues. I really hope that’s the problem and not something on my end. Thanks

I have exactly the same issue. It’s not just you, my friend.

I am able to join some other servers, but it seems the ones I really want to play on are the only ones to give me this problem.

Here’s hoping we get a solution today.

Yes I have this too since a week or more ago :frowning:

I have the same problem. Please have a solution right to play like others !!.
What is the reason? some can play and that others can not? Steam reinstall, rust reinstall , restoring windows to date back, nothing works. Rust client will not run from steam, just open the game I get from root directory, and after all not connected to any server. Please solve these fucking problems. It is not nice to see everyone playing and you can not. :frowning:

Same here friend

Are you launching through Steam? Or from an icon on your desktop or directly at the exe?

sorry for my English Garry edit here Perhaps you Understand better.
I open it-through Steam and the process rustcliente.exe 6560kb not launch but no window Appears, and when i try launching it-through the .exe from directory but gets stucked on “loading map” server disconnected message Appears as pictured above. On all servers not working. Everything since the last update.

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someone will give a solution to this or give the game over?

same shit… :S i can’t play on any server… and when i get this problem i was outside my base… with 3k wood 2k of stones… and spears… cooked meat… i think that i lost everything right now :S

Some bugs with the update i think, try to run as administrator steam.

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Well so far i’ve tried a few things all after verifying files and checking for updates:

-Close steam, run rust shortcut on desktop. (no changes)
-Close steam, run steam, then rust play button in steam. (nope)
-Close steam, run steam as admin, run rust.exe in steam folder. (nada)

just keep getting Disconnected:Disconnected. I too was outside with a bunch of resources ~.~

The latest Rust patch has a memory leak and the servers are unable to handle it. Wait for a fix.

Same Here Disconnected. :frowning:

does not work even updating. disconnecting from servers

I too seem to have joined this club. Was running back toward my base and the client froze up (which has been happening fairly frequently since the last update)… haven’t noticed a particular cause. Unfortunately, this time when I ended the process and came back, I was unable to join the server I was on, getting disconnected:disconnected, same as everyone else here. I can join other servers fine it seems. I’m launching the client from inside Steam.

I haven’t been able to connect to any of the servers I play on since the udpate. I’m going to try the official servers tonight when I get home from work and see if that works.

I am launching through steam, I just spoke to a server owner. He says when I attempt to join. It says I’m banned, but I’m not. I can’t join any servers. He says in the server logs it says EAC ban, but I haven’t done anything worthy of a ban. :frowning:

It doesnt work neither from icon or from steam. Same message.

same here, can’t connect, even through console