Disconnected: invalid Packet

Sometimes it makes the game unplayable, i get kicked every 15 seconds or even less; basically if i move i load more entities, the entities arrives with loss, i get kicked. How long before i’ll be able to play again? :frowning:

Change your decision of kicking those with the bug or fix the bug somehow, i hope you’re trying to do it now, cause i can’t play! :frowning:

+1 for me ;/

+1 from me too. I’d rather get raided through the no wall bug than have us affected not being able to play. Or at least come up with another way to solve this problem. I’m missing out on raids with my friends because I’ll most likely get this problem during the raid. It’s safer for me to stay inside our base like a house wife.

+1 here

Sent an email to support got the usual we are aware of the issue response have a feeling that they dont give a @#$%…

getting kicked is a measure to figure out why the bug happens and prevent abuse of the glitch; they are logging who and why people have mismatches so they can fix the problem and/or defend against exploiters.

Same issue here, INVALID PACKETS, someone in game has to kill me to continue.