Disconnected : unresponsive

Whenever i try to connect in any game server i ger this error after devlog 96.My computer is good enough to handle the game , tryed reinstalling rust multiple times ( also tried reinstalling steam , anticheat …).Althought all the things i did rust is still not working i am currently using a wired 24 mbps connection but the real speed is this

Problem explaination : When I join any server I am able to run around for about 5-20 seconds before getting disconnected with the error ‘Disconnected: Unresponsive’. During this time I can see people typing in the chat but i cant post my messages.I can move around but when I hit trees I don’t get any wood or my torch makes the light sound but doesn’t light. I can open inventory. I have also had a couple times where I can’t wake up.
I am pretty sure its a problem its on my side but idk what to do in order to fix it.I really need your help :pudge: . Also i found ather people having same problem but they seem to be hopeless about it. Sorry for the bad english :smile: plz help

Router by the sound of it. Post specs

I use this router Technicolor TD5130 kinda old.

Pc specs :
intel core i7
gtx 660 3gb
8 gb ram
sdd and hd