Disconnected: Wrong Connection Protocol: Client Update Required

OK so I’ve edited this post down to nothing twice now. I think it’s because my steam client isn’t up to date. But steam says it’s up to date. I can see no official servers, only a handful of community/modded servers. It may be because my drive C is bolloxed up and I have a hard time clearing space on it. I started getting this error after the update on 10/8. I was in game on Rustopia and the admin did the countdown so I logged off. As soon as I tried logging back on I got the error Disconnected: Wrong Connection Protocol: Client Update Required.

Your Rust client is out of date. It’s specifically telling you that the version number on the server you’re attempting to join is higher than the version number of your client.

Could be caused by insufficient space on your Steam library drive to complete the update. This is the most likely cause.