Disconnecting from Server, Client Side


I’ve been trying to connect to one of my favorite servers, but there’s a problem I’ve ran into. Whenever I begin to join the server, it connects and I reach the menu screen. Note, this is using the Clockwork Mod. (I did not know who to ask first, you guys or the people who created clockwork, but since it was a disconnect issue, I tried here first.) As soon as I get to the menu screen, it tells me ‘Please wait until the server config is retrieved’. This is irrelevant, but it may help. As soon as that pops up, as it usually does every start up, working or not, I get the auto-disconnect sign. The one that says “Connection to server lost, disconnecting in 45 seconds, blah blah”. I can confirm that this is client side, and not server side, because I’ve tried to join and my friends have been able to.

I have done everything I can imagine to fix this problem, checking workshop files, validating the integrity of the cache, and making sure all files are working. I’m no scripter or coder, so I don’t know all these errors in the console. These are what come up as I try to connect:

If anyone could help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Anyone have an idea?


We’re working from Vanilla Garry’s Mod here so this belongs to CloudSixteen’s forum.