Discord Image Perms

A lot of people have been using the #memes channel in the S&box Discord server. I think it might be a good idea to have #code and #hammer have image perms for everyone so they can post work. It would help keep the channels organized I think, and I have seen a few people in the Discord server wanting this as a feature.

I don’t they need image perms. I can see a lot of people misusing this, and it’s fine as it is. If you really want to post something, post it on the forums or post an imgur link.

I do wonder why #memes has image perms while the modding trifecta doesn’t, #code, #hammer and #modeldoc, it’s not like people don’t post images there, they just use imgur links so I don’t see the reason for not having image perms.

Mostly, at least for #modeldoc, I don’t know what kind of users the other 2 channels have, images are used to showcase something you’re making, or to show what problem you’re having, which is tantamount for modelling, and I guess mapping, not sure about coding but I guess if you wanna show the code ingame.

Not having image perms is just an annoyance, you have to upload something on another site to post it, and then you have to press a link to view it, it’s just unnecessary.

because people were begging for them.

If you really want to post your stuff in discord, the admins should create another waywo channel

Or boost the server I guess, because boosting the server means you will use it correctly :+1:

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even though i want this, the problem with this is that there will be less people to support the server