Discord phone verification issue

I’m in the s&box discord but im unable to type and whatnot without verifying my number which in fact is a real working number but just not compatible with discord for whatever reason. So could one of the staff members there give me a role verification role to effectively bypass that check?

My discord: QuackCocaine#9365

Wait what do you mean not compatible with discord? Doesn’t discord just basically send a text message and say “put the code in here” ?

Is this a land line or something

no it’s one of the Walmart family mobile numbers that’s powered by t-mobile. and what i mean by not compatible is that discord support themselves said it’s not compatible. Even now when I try to validate it keeps saying Invalid Phone Number when infact it is valid working for other things just not discord. I suppose why its not compatible is that its a post paid plan :man_shrugging: .

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