Discord Rich Presence come back?

Hy, I would like to know if the rich presence discord will be made available or not, it has been requested by the community for quite some time.
If possible having a link or a discussion on the subject would be nice.

Thank you and have a nice day. :wave:


I think allowing the client to have client mods would be better than hard-coding Discord rich presence into S&box.
Also if this should be implemented allow us to disable it.

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You can already disable rich presence for any game through discord settings.

No. You can only disable it completely. You can not disable it per game. Back when you could add games to the Discord library you could disable the presence per game. But that’s not the case anymore

Wasn’t there a dll module for this?

Yeah there was a discord_rpc.dll
But they’ve replaced that one with the discord_game_sdk.zip
You can get it here

For the moment we are missing the recent version of Chromium and the Discord RPC.
Enough to make most communities happy.