Discovering servers and gamemodes

are there any plans or ideas for a different server browser, or some system that will help players find gamemodes more easily?

after thousands of hours on gmod, the biggest problem i had was discovering new servers. i usually only managed to find newer unique servers through friends, and never through the server browser because it would always prioritize RP gamemodes or TTT. you could just scroll lower or use the legacy browser, but i feel like 95% of players just don’t do that.

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Because it’s based on popularity? Just scroll down.

Not sure what more they could do other than the design of the browser. I personally would like to see more filters. The ability to sort by language, player count, ping, etc


they should probably make an RP section. i totally agree that RP gamemodes tend to outweigh other, more unique gamemodes. extra filters, partitioning and sections should make finding smaller/newer gamemodes easier.

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They could show just the gamemode and redirect you to a server that isn’t full, but that would limit the choices maybe a side option ?

It would be great if in game browser will add gamemode sections like RP and “Fun”, where can be TTT and PropHunt.

A roleplay category might be nice so your list is not flooded with 50 different forks of the same gamemode but with a different name. Generic categories like “Fun” are not gucci because why wouldn’t I as a dev just choose a generic gamemode category that attracts the most players, makes no sense.

This might be nice as an optional feature. You could either quick-join a server running X gamemode, or go into an expanded list. Will probably need some form of handling player preference though regarding custom content and gamemode extensions for people seeking a vanilla TTT versus hyper-modded one, for example.

I know I’ve spent far too much time in the server menu trying to determine which generic server I’d like to join when most of them are just FAST+ | DONATIONS | CUSTOM MAP.

Might be cool to implement some discovery features like you’d find on Twitch or YouTube i.e. trending, small communities, recommended, popular with friends


Can’t wait to see how people break the server finder… Hopefully FP will look at the problems with the one on GMod.

I could see the community implementing this if its not already created in the actual released game.

I feel adding a server rating to the game would fix this, then you can make sort options like “top rated daily/weekly/monthly/yearly” or “up and coming”. If a comment section was added that could be featured in the server listing as well to show positive and negative reviews similar to Steam game pages.

Although this is a good idea, it could very easily be abused.

How’s that? 1 review per person, per server. Have it be editable and then that should prevent any abuse. If someone wants to buy a shit ton of copies just to jack their ratings let em lol

What you guys think of this design?

Looks very sophisticated! Maybe you should replace the traditional rectangles (especially the filter box) with modern toruses, so that it will fit in with future design trends

Wow that must have took a lot of effort. Amazing work!

I feel like the classical server browser system is a bit closed-minded as a solution to this. Even if you stuck all sorts of bells and whistles onto a server browser, it’ll just be a list with a bunch of servers competing against each other.

s&box isn’t going to be the same four / five gamemodes as gmod, we’re most likely going to get thousands of different gamemodes and experiences, and trying to cram them under one vague section is going to get messy.

Discoverabillity is an interesting problem that even large tech companies cannot solve, it’ll be interesting what facepunch come up with, and will most likely keep changing even after release.
There has been some talk of having a matchmaking system in place that developers can use, and that’s an excellent idea. We don’t always need independent servers for gamemodes, and i can think of a bunch of different games that need a matchmaking system.


This seems like satire. It use to be on popularity but I don’t know if it’s still going to be like that.

I think this forum’s/the workshop’s tagging system should be carried over in some capacity to gamemodes, with suggestions included. Since there can be a large variety of gamemodes, have them only select a certain number of tags to describe the gamemode and roll with it. If there’s some form of analytics in this, maybe use the tags to suggest “GAMEMODES LIKE THE ONES YOU PLAY” or “GAMEMODES DIFFERENT THAN WHAT YOU PLAY” for people that feel adventurous.

I feel like there’s opportunity to off-load the stress to the community. No doubt there would be bad agents that would try to abuse it but frankly I don’t think they should be considered, because come on SOMEONE is always going to try to abuse whatever you put in.

The current server browser HAS tags, but they aren’t really used the same way. You could probably build off that system if you wanted to just grab something that already exists and work with it.

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